About Us

Trevor Hamlett is a multi-talented individual, merging his passion for music, video production and art with his holistic therapy expertise. With a foundation built on energy healing, psychology, and the power of sound, Trevor's journey began at an early age, blossoming into a 15-year career as a professional singer. His insatiable curiosity in technology and energy healing led him to diverse corners of the world, including Peru, Asia, America, and Africa, where he collaborated with a variety of healers and immersed himself in different musical influences.

A decade ago, a spiritual awakening unveiled a profound realisation: the key to personal growth and healing lies in the frequencies that surround us. This awakening inspired Trevor to pioneer his own healing approach, known as Energy Frequency Healing, seamlessly weaving together sound, frequency, scientific principles, and energy healing to manifest transformative, positive changes in his clients.

Music plays a pivotal role in this endeavour, as Trevor crafts captivating soundscapes designed to facilitate altered states of consciousness.

Beyond his holistic healing pursuits, Trevor recently dedicated three months to producing "EMPYREAN," the debut album of his partner, Madeeha Mubarak. This evocative collection of songs presents modern renditions of sacred mantras and is set to grace festivals and events throughout 2024. The performances will combine the mesmerizing power of sound, spirituality, and specially crafted video projections to create an immersive space for conscious development and growth.